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This was created because it's easier for me than constantly reposting the PROOF that these goobers' non-stop assaults and aggression are .... bat-shit crazy ... as they scurry around like cockroaches.

The Authoritarian Right has always hated libertarians

fiscal responsibility and social tolerance for a half-century



The Sickest of the Sick Fucks ... NOW say this is my "enemies" list, making me the aggressor ... instead of them.  Cyber-bullies be TOTAL psychos! Because my link to this page also  exposes THAT mental affliction.



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Purpose: Additional ridicule and humiliation of cyber-bullies and stalkers.  (And additional FUN for me!)

Ad hominems are cowardly attacks against a person, not their ideas.  The craziest ones say I'm not Michael Hihn.  But I obviously control the web site that proves them wrong!

First they say I'm a "progtard" or "lefty." That explodes when I post my credentials (now below) as a libertarian and fiscal conservative, with over 50 years in the movement. ) ... they have only one assault left.

"Michael Hihn has solid credentials" (they have NOTHING), "But THAT'S NOT HIM. "

Yes, THAT psycho!

Now the Awards

The crazy claim that I'm not Michael  Hihn is disproven by this page ... on the website which proves them wrong.   All in defense of multiple aggressions.

Two of the thugs have been stalking me for over a year.  Sickest of the sick fucks

Red Rocks White Privilege (8)

Sevo (7)

mad.casual (5)

Elias Fakaname (8)  Yes Fakaname says I'm a fake name!  (snort)


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Last of the Shitlords (11) "shitlord MEANS bigot, and he seems proud of being one.

Hank Phillips

Mr. Gus



Am I a LIBRUL??  (gasp)

The Authoritarian Right gets confused because libertarians have been fiscally conservative and socially liberal for a half century.  Explodes their bipolar brain. 

In a Gomer accent:  "If dey disagree wif me, dey can only be librul.  Wot  else is dere?" 

Site Index.  See Taxes, Health Car and New Federalism

Libertarian candidate statewide

WA State Insurance Commissioner

Part of a multi-candidate campaign which achieved Major Party status, where I had been the first-ever PAID Executive Director of ANY state LP,

Media interview, Seattle Times:

Theme: Freedom works!

Deregulate. Open your Yellow Pages. Compare the number of health insurers with the number of auto and home insurers. Then ask yourself which insurance is the most highly regulated - but offers the fewest choices, with out-of-control prices. as you can see, over-regulation is hazardous to your health.

There are two prices involved: drugs and insurance. Deregulating health insurance will greatly increase the number of insured families. But drug prices would be beyond my control, and another candidate seems to agree. He would form nongovernmental buying co-ops. Great idea, but you don't have to elect him to get it.

Insurers have legitimate concerns regarding fraudulent health histories from applicants. But insurance applicants can now be forced to choose between living and lying when new jobs require them to change carriers. Deregulate for portable coverage,

Party History

I was Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of WA, the first (only?) PAID LP state Director.  I served on the LP National Platform Committee twice, and several minor convention committees through the year,   Mine was one of the most cited sources on anarchists vs minarchists, when it was still a topical issue. An excerpt from that source was published by The Center for a Stateless Society.  (Do a page search for Hihn)

The Mary Stack Delusion (THE craziest goobers)

A separate but related mental disorder.  ANYONE who does not kiss-ass to the Authoritarian Right is often said to be a "sock puppet" (alias) of Mary Stack.  I have no clue what she posted here, over five years ago.  And I find it hysterical, that some drooling retard says "That's Mary Stack"  -- and ALL the tribal robots BELEEB it INSTANTLY.  No proof.  Just tribal gooberism  Like the larger issue here.

As documented here, I've ACHIEVED a lot more than this clown-car of  trash-mouth cyber-punks. They've achieved nothing, with the potty-mouth of a 12-year-old.   Conservatard bullies with the robotic minds of their ilk.